A Very Good Day

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I woke up this morning to gray sunless sky and felt rather cold. I managed to crawl from bed into the shower and out again in time to leave for my 9am class.

The cheerless sky depressed me somewhat, having been exposed to so much sun in the last few weeks; yet I knew, I hoped almost desperately, that we would get rain soon, that the dust and brown would turn back into soil and grass once more (still no rain yet, by the way, just clouds and cold air…). Walking out the front door and onto the street I felt the first hazy impressions of a drizzle on my bare skin. It was only a very light drizzle, like the air blown out from a humidifier, but it fell continuously as I made my way towards the campus.

It doesn’t happen often, but sometimes nice little things happen to me, little things that make the day into an especially good one.

An old man was walking on the opposite side of the street, bent and wrinkled, coughing horribly as he slouched his way several houses down the street. We kept the pace with each other, me wincing and leaning on my cane, he taking his time and making great efforts to drag himself across the cement. He sat onto some steps with a great harumph, and looked up at me as I looked at him…

“Where’re the crutches?” he said in his old man’s voice.

I was taken aback. Here, a complete stranger asking me about my current walking condition. I could only think to say:

“I’m walking with a cane now,” and I showed it to him, since it was obscured by my right side. “I’m getting better.”

“That’s good,” he said, and I walked on to the end of the street.

I didn’t feel the wet anymore. I walked much more easily than I had before, and it somehow felt much more comfortable to take every next step. I had been recognized, and someone – a neighbor – had cared enough to inquire about me. I’ve gone the whole day today in a simply incredibly positive mood, all because of the kind words of someone thoughtful.

It’s days like today that really make me feel glad to be alive.

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