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I’ve had a most amazing and stressful week. We finally made it to opening night for Return to the Forbidden Planet, and we actually managed to pull it off somehow. Seven weeks is not enough time to put a musical together, especially when the band has to learn twenty-five songs in two weeks! Tuesday night was really scary, and tensions were high – but then, somehow, on Wednesday night, everything started to come together. Thursday (opening night) was good, Friday night was better, and on Saturday night we actually got “TELL HER!” right (long story). I think Friday was our best night though… the audience energy was huge, people were laughing and clapping all night, and we only had a couple of empty seats.

The downside was that several actors were robbed during the performance (including me). Someone made his or her way into the dressing rooms, took several wallets and a purse, and made off with cash and some tech gadgets. Some of that cash was ticket money for the show, sadly. The other wallets and purse were recovered just outside where the show was performed, but my wallet was not amongst them (strangely enough). The thing is, none of the rooms were ransacked. Pants and clothing were all folded back up and returned to their original positions if they were holding or covering items. Whomever committed the crime took his or her time, as if he or she knew that no one was going to be going back to the dressing rooms during the second act. Additionally, other tech stuff used in the show went missing…

I have no proof of who did this or why this happened – but it seems to me like it was purely done as a terrorist action. If it were punk kids, or random people, wouldn’t they have rushed to commit the crime? Wouldn’t the rooms be ransacked instead of returned to their original state? And why go through the wallets and purse right outside the building and drop them on the ground instead of running several blocks away and disposing of them in a trash pail (or in a trash pail fifty feet away)? I have my theories as to motive, but I won’t post them publicly.

Losing my ID and debit cards successfully wrecked my weekend. I was planning on going to my Uncle Bernie’s wedding on Sunday, but the stress of the show piled onto the stress of being robbed was too much for me. When I got back late night on Friday I cancelled all my credit and debit cards. All morning on Saturday I felt totally powerless… I had no cash, and no way to get cash. Without an ID, I couldn’t go to the bank to get any money. I got a new temp license at the RMV in the afternoon, and went on with the show.

Not much else to say at this point. I’d say I was disappointed at witnessing firsthand the bad shit people do, but it’s not like I didn’t know people were capable of this kind of thing. But I’ll tell you what, I’m not going to let myself become a victim again. Not ever.

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  1. lionlady

    Having been recently robbed myself…

    Ugh, I know how you feel.

    It’s so…awful getting robbed. It’s violating.
    At least you didn’t find your underwear tossed every which place. 😉 But then, I didn’t lose my identity, since I wasn’t home at the time.

    If you want to vent, or just have a cup of tea/coffee/cocoa, feel free to to stop by my place.
    I’m stuck in “very little activity mode” – doctor’s orders.