La Dee Da

So, went to the Bijou on Friday night and saw Spirited Away, a great anime from the makers of Princess Mononoke and My Neighbor Totoro. It was bizarre. Highly surreal and much cool. I’m going to go see it a whole bunch more times, especially now that I have my Bijou membership card and can see it again and again…

Saturday was mostly a bumming around day. I caught up on some TiVo, and started packing up a couple of things (RPG books mostly). I’m going to go room by room around the house and clear things out a little at a time – hopefully if all goes well tomorrow I’ll start moving stuff into the new apartment during the next week. In the evening I went over to joe and chia’s place (their townhouse is incredible) and played board and card games with a bunch of friends. Great time had by all.

In about twelve hours I get to look at my prospective apartment and decide if I want to live there. A little after that, I get to see No Doubt and Garbage at the Centrum. Apparently an episode of Dawson’s Creek is going to be filmed at the concert tomorrow. Maybe I’ll catch a glimpse of Katie Holmes or something.


  1. emptywomb

    i saw spirited away not too long ago and thought it was sweet and wholesome, but strange and refleshingly uncheesy.

    • shogunhb

      refleshingly uncheesy

      It’s so uncheesy that it causes skin to grow back! It’s Refleshing!

      I know it’s a typo but I couldn’t resist. It’s a great made up word!

  2. Uh….Hi = )

    I just stumbled into your journal and i know you don’t know me but, i was wondering if you could tell me where i can get a cool little cartoon userpic like you have. I’ve noticed a few people have them but i have no idea how to make one.
    Ok, that’s all.