You say it’s your birthday?

And so, the tri-state birthday tour is complete. Three birthdays in 30 hours across 300+ miles, two of which were 30th birthday parties.

The milk bar was fun, I got to meet several of my sisters’ NYC friends, and they’re a really cool bunch. The bar had these milkshake drinks that had a few shots of booze in them – extraordinarily tasty, and horrifically bad for me. My sister-in-law got hammered, and I stupidly left my debit card at the bar (thanks to my sis for getting that back for me after my parents and I had left the city).

Stayed overnight in Connecticut with the folks, and then got to help them clean out their garage some more by taking some lawn chairs, a cube fridge, an ice cream maker, and a couple of other miscellaneous items back to Worcester with me. I then cleaned up around the house for a couple hours, and set out for Christina and Jim’s chorale concert at the Holliston congregational church. The chorale rocked the house, even though the orchestra was a little flaky. Recordings should be available soon…

There was an after concert party a couple of houses away where we had cake for Christina (carvel ice cream cake!) and good gravy, was it ever an awesome party. HUGE spread of scrumptious food, beautiful house, very nice people. I’m actually considering joining the New England Chorale now just so I can go to the rockin’ parties.

Around 11:30pm, I got a text message from Justin responding to my “happy birthday” text message of several hours before (brak: txt msgs r GR8 buD!). I slogged my way back to Worcester and ended up hanging out at his place until around 3am or so, delivering good humor and foot massages to the masses.

Tonight – Bijou-y goodness!

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One Response to You say it’s your birthday?

  1. Anonymous says:

    going to NOLA

    Going to get the po-boys and craw fish in the a.m., bro!
    Did you get your package??
    – Rosie