I took a nice bubble bath today, and used some Bumble and Bumble shampoo samples… not sure if I like them or not. My hair’s not as silky as it is when I use the Pantene…

(good lord, I think I ran out of masculinity!!)

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  1. bonisagus says:

    Thus Proving…

    I am more butch than Mikey 🙂

  2. krzzl says:

    A Bumble!

    Is that like the Bumble on Rudolph? ‘Cause he seemed pretty masculine there with the growling etc.

  3. You must stick with the Pantene

    There are no two ways about it;
    Pantene is the one and only substance on the
    face of the planet that will keep your curly
    Italian locks in prime condition.

    -a fellow Italian with curly locks

    (it’s not a masculinity thing, it’s an Italian thing;
     the hair is a very VERY important part of the
     Italian male image – just ask any goomba!)

  4. veg_blow_up says:

    pantene, pantene is good stuff

    i have a funny story about pantene. at you sister’s birthday party this year our neighbor jim came up from downstairs. jim and you sister happened to be wearing the a similar shirt, they also have similar hair. i came up behind jim thinking it was your sister and put my hand on his shoulder, then i touched his hair and realized my error. but, jim’s hair was so soft and smelled so good.i said, “jim what do you use in your hair!!” he said, “i use only use pantene.” at any rate several minutes latter i was still touching jim’s hair. needless to say right then and there i demanded that your sister start using pantene. you should definitely switch back, that is if you want women to run their fingers through it that is.

  5. mik3cap says:

    Pantene shall be the shampoo of choice. Now I’ve got to work on getting a good (inexpensive) defrizz solution….

    • moviemuff says:

      don’t go cheap

      Don’t be cheap w/ the defrizz stuff!

      You really don’t use a lot in your hair. I use Rusk “Gutsy” (it’s a cross btw a gel and a palmade).
      Maybe you can compensate the femme “pantene” w/the butch “gutsy” and create a nice balance with your hair’s sexuality.
      This is what I do.

      1) I wash w/ Pantene.
      2) Condition w/ Pantene.
      3) Rub a light amount of the Gutsy in my locks
      4) Scrunch while using the dryer (not too hot)
      5) And sometimes finish off w/ a light hairspray (Goldwell Trendline)

      Recipe for the Caprio head ‘o hair