mentia999 interviews me

1. What is the most enjoyable part of your normal routine?

Hm… in order to answer this, I have to think about what my normal routine is. Most of the time things happen randomly; people suggest dinner or gathering, but there isn’t much regular about those kinds of short notice things. These are the things that happen for me regularly:

Tuesday – pot luck night
Wednesday – comic book day
Sunday – gaming day

I enjoy pot luck and gaming a good deal; but I think new comic book day is the most satisfying for me. I like to get my stuff, chat with the store folks, and then head out to the Bean Counter for a drink and a quiet read… that’s pretty much my “me” time every week.

2. What is something you really wish you could do but don’t have the time/money/trained monkeys for?

There are just too many things to list. Actually, I think the thing that’s foremost in my mind right now is that I’d really like to take a vacation and go to Disney World. I’d take off two weeks, drive down to Ft. Myers, visit family there for a day or two, and then go on to Orlando and spend 8 or 9 days at Disney.

3. Do you have any birthday plans?

At some point I’ll be going to visit my folks in CT, but the departure time is flexible. I have taken the day of the 22nd off from work.

4. How do you feel about strippers?

I think strippers are a good thing. In general, there should be more stripping going on in the world more often. Especially when I’m there to see it.

5. Do you think I am joking or not?

Am I to infer by the last three questions that you are suggesting going to see strippers for my birthday? I think I may just be a little “strippered out” after my recent Atlantic City jaunt… but then again, going to see strippers with women along is a fun thing in and of itself.

1. Leave a comment saying you want to be interviewed.
2. I’ll reply and give you five questions to answer.
3. You’ll update your LJ with the five questions answered.
4. You’ll include this explanation.
5. You ask other people five questions when they want to be interviewed.


  1. No, there was no going to see strippers implied. Actually, it was someone else who suggested hiring really cheap Main South strippers. Because birthdays are all about making people cry, right?
    heh. heh. heh.
    Just kidding.
    You should have a party.

    • What? What? I did nothing of the sort. I _swear_ Well, only kinda.

    • mik3cap

      Or better still – I should get a group of people together for a 111 Chop House dinner…

  2. Anonymous


    I have tix for MCO on 10-7 thru 10-12. Going to see Mickey and then Uncle Tony on Saturday. Did you know this? Or is that wierd Caprio mind reading thing going on? HMmmmmmmmmmmmmm…..

    • mik3cap

      Re: BTW…..

      I have a wedding to go to on 10/12…

      I’ll see about saving up for a Disney vacation next year. Or maybe I’ll save up for the “con tour” and do GenCon and DragonCon and Origins…

  3. shogunhb

    Soeone else should ask me questions… how about you Mike?

    • mik3cap

      1) What’s your most treasured childhood memory?

      2) What did you want to be when you grew up?

      3) Is there a career or scientific goal you want to achieve?

      4) Name one place in the world you’d really like to travel to someday.

      5) Describe your ideal woman in detail.

    • mik3cap

      1) What was life like for you during high school?

      2) Is there a person, living or dead, whom you’d like to meet more than anything?

      3) Describe a personal accomplishment or thing that you created that you are particularly proud of.

      4) Can we hang out more often?

      5) What do you regret most?

  4. Because Even I Cave to Peer Pressure

    Since everyone else is asking to be asked questions…Ask me questions Mikey ๐Ÿ™‚

    • mik3cap

      Re: Because Even I Cave to Peer Pressure

      1) Queer Eye for the Straight Guy – good or bad?

      2) What is your “type”?

      3) Will you come to the Chop House for my birthday?

      4) Describe your favorite piece of art.

      5) How come you never call or come over for pot luck??

  5. krzzl

    Must… have… questions…

    Ok, I decided I like this now because people get to make up questions as opposed to using some sort of template. So I’d like an interview please…

    • mik3cap

      Re: Must… have… questions…

      1) Is your life today very different than you expected it would be?

      2) Describe the plot of your favorite book.

      3) What’s your family like?

      4) Do you have any hidden talents?

      5) Is there anything about yourself you’d really like to change?

      • Re: Must… have… questions…

        what’s this with the standard five questions, do I get some too. Feeling so left out since I haven’t been writing. Too busy with movie stuff. Too busy reading The Davinci Code.

        • mik3cap

          Re: Must… have… questions…

          1. What’s your earliest memory of me?

          2. What was college like for you?

          3. Is NYC the place where you want to live from here on out, or do you think you’ll move somewhere else some day?

          4. Do you have any long-term artistic goals right now?

          5. What would you do with a really large sum of money?

          • Re: Must… have… questions…

            1. What’s your earliest memory of me?
            You (3yr old skinny, giggling in your underoos) and I listening to Dad tell us a Ricky Racoon bedtime story.

            2. What was college like for you?
            Amazing performance art venues (Alwun House, Ice House, Nelson Fine Art), met some of most interesting people (crazy vietnam vet transexuals, excons, native americans, hippies, prositutes, eccentric architects, mad scientists, etc), came out of the closet (was ossricized by some friends), went out ALOT clubbing and looking for girls (lots of heartache).

            3. Is NYC the place where you want to live from here on out, or do you think you’ll move somewhere else some day?
            NYC all the way, perhaps a winter home in the South of France.

            4. Do you have any long-term artistic goals right now?
            Have two projects in mind –
            1. Lesbian coming of age story set in the 50s
            2. Film version of Aphra Behn’s play the Rover
            Long-Term goal is to be famous, a household name, nothing big, right.

            5. What would you do with a really large sum of money?
            Start a production company geared toward showcasing minorities and underdogs.