Pot Luck Tuesday!

Yes, we will be having pot luck on Tuesday. I don’t have a theme this week – or perhaps the theme is “not turkey/thanksgiving” so we don’t all get sick of Turkey Day food!

My friend Jen R may be coming; bluegargantua will be along, and jen_savage also said she’d be by. Who else would like to come? RSVP here with food items if you want to coordinate (but hey, it’s pot “luck” right??)

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2 Responses to Pot Luck Tuesday!

  1. erajia says:

    All my food money this week is going to Thanksgiving, so I think we’re missing it this time.

  2. mentia999 says:

    Oh my god, all the food! creatrixx’s thanksgiving wednesday, the displaced of worcester thanksgiving on thanksgiving, and now this. i don’t know if i can handle it. 🙂

    i have no idea what i’ll bring, but i’ll be bugging you for a ride if i do end up coming.