Eavesdropper: Something I wrote in my PDA over dinner a long time ago

I sit here a sanctioned eavesdropper watching an unattractive bald guy trying to talk his incredibly hot co-worker into having sex with him. I can tell he’s not getting too far, but she’s going through all the motions of this negotiation as if he has a chance. She’s not completely shutting him out, perhaps because she doesn’t want to lose a friend, or perhaps to avoid a hostile work environ. Her face and her body language scream her discomfort. He persists in his probing, and her eyes look around seeking some method of escape. Now she pretends that the conversation is merely abstract, a hypothetical universe sheltering her from his sexual onslaught. “I have lots of female friends with different levels…” It soon becomes clear to both that they are going nowhere. He backpedals, and her expression is one of utter defeat. Suddenly, perhaps sensing her loss of energy, he wheels around and keeps saying “sex sex sex sex” like a mantra. He occupies a position of power over her, and it seems that part of her may genuinely be interested… she fears he will play her, despite his reassurances.

It’s time to leave. Maybe he has the upper hand… it’s never easy to tell.

I never saw his face.


    • mik3cap

      It felt like I was a naturalist, and I was writing down narration notes for my National Geographic special…

      • kaetien

        hahaha, i understand….i do similar things, myself.

        “observing the human male in his natural habitat….”

  1. Dude!

    She was totally hot for me. That body language? That was all, “come and get it, Tiger”.

    And never, NEVER, mock the Sex Mantra!


    • mik3cap

      It was pretty cool. We were the only people in the restaurant, and she knew I could hear the two of them talking… but he didn’t.