Don’t click on the osama message in AIM!

It’s a virus. If someone IMs you with a link to something with osama in it, check to see if they’re idle or whatever… the link is a bogus AIM virus thing.

Edit: Not a virus, but adware. Still a pain in the ass tho.

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5 Responses to Don’t click on the osama message in AIM!

  1. mpgalvin says:


    is it browser specific?
    or aim-client specific?

  2. creatrixx says:

    uh, is just going to the website enough or do you have to download the thing that pops up

    I got it from someone and when the thing poped up, I didn’t download it, and asked the person who IMed me with it what it is. when she didn’t answer, I still didn’t download it.

    Oy, I hope I don’t have a virus.

    • mpgalvin says:

      aha. there’s a download dialog?
      i didn’t see that. in fact, nothing loads for me.
      so it’s probably aIEeeeeee specific.

      note to everybody:
      the url is somewhere at (and a buncha meaningless special characters. makes it look like a news site) it doesn’t seem to be serving http requests properly. either that or it’s trying to infect me still. someone should tell “Drew Williams” of Cambridge that his site is hosing people up. i wonder if it’s a JoeJob on someone?

      also, someone let know that she’s got teh ebil computervirus?

  3. mik3cap says:

    I don’t know any more details… I don’t think I’m infected, but I’m not sure yet. I’ve downloaded critical updates, and am running an ad-aware scan now – next step is installing the new Norton anti-virus software we just bought (but apparently did not install soon enough!)