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Maytag Coin-O-Matic in Orleans – WORST LAUNDROMAT EVER

I was just robbed of ten dollars by the worst laundromat I’ve ever been to. The Maytag Coin-O-Matic in Orleans sucks so much ass not even light can escape. The machines are all older than me, half of them have … Continue reading

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Random thoughts

Since I’ve lost a little weight and am back on the exercise wagon, my arms have gotten a bit leaner. I can now see my PROGRAMMING MUSCLES. D00d my programming muscles are cool, they are right on top of my … Continue reading

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There are five types of gluttony according to Thomas Aquinas: praepropere – eating too soon laute – eating too expensively nimis – eating too much ardenter – eating too eagerly studiose – eating too daintily Also, Jack The Ripper claimed … Continue reading

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