Monthly Archives: November 2004


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This place just opened up down the road from me: Fresch And Holsum’s It’s a business that makes fresh, non-processed frozen meals. It’s not quite as cheap as Trader Joe’s, but there’s a bit more “mealness” to it than just getting veggie burgers and fried rice and such. I’m considering placing an order at some […]

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Want to know where my priorities lie?

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This is the layout of the nine shelves of my TV stand: PS2 —– Dreamcast ——- VCR (DC has NES emulator) Xbox —— N64 ———– TiVo Stereo — GameCube ——– Controllers and stuff I got six consoles and a GBA SP. D00d. They’re all hooked up to the TV now too, I gots game out […]

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