Mikey’s Big Weekend Adventure


Left the Cape at hellacious speeds in order to try and make it in time for the 8:00p.m. opening of “Death of a Salesman” at WPI – a terrific cast and production headed up by my good bud Jake Given as Willy Loman. The set was virtual, projected onto a scrim with a “cityscape” shape cut onto it. Mary Servatius played stand up bass during the poignant moments of the play, and the effect of seeing her and other characters in Willy’s mental landscape appearing behind and above the actors was phenomenally cool. I wish I hadn’t had to sit in the balcony, but I still enjoyed it a lot.

Many of the cast and crew were people I worked with last year on The Deputy, and it was awesome to see them again and chat with a few of them a little bit. Jake gave me a big old jake-hug before popping off and vanishing to undoubtedly do the fourteen other things he always seems to be simultaneously involved in. But, of course, the highlight was finally getting to see treyvana again. Yay!! I stayed after the play to hear all the news and announcements about upcoming theatre stuff, and to watch her and four others get inducted into Alpha Psi Omega, the theatre honors fraternity. She did great!

Me and her and her boyfriend went back to her apartment to chill out – about twenty minutes after we got there, we got a call from the cast party begging for treyvana’s attendance, so we all headed out and partied until the wee wee hours. I got lots of snuggling from cute girls. Bonus! 😀


We woke up at lunchtime and decided to breakfast with Chinese buffet from Chopsticks. It was quite superior. I got to get to know treyvana’s boyfriend a little better during the meal, and he’s a pretty hip guy. We then proceeded to TE where I picked up about a month’s worth of my comics subscription, and then headed out to Solomon Pond to see The Incredibles. It was totally fun to see it again, it was just as good as the first time I saw it, and the cute couple with me enjoyed it immensely.

When we got back to Worcester we parted ways and I hung out at the Bean Counter to read comics and chill out. I got in touch with Lindsey, who was getting inked up the street, and she came and visited with me at the Bean for a while. Yay!!! When we split up, it was time to hit the road for the Lucas Birthday Spectacular Spectacular, and after a brief mixup over the location of my bag, I made my way out to Groton. Good times, yummy dessert, boozy goodness, and Jess hugs! I got so many hugs this weekend, I am quite a happy Mikey. 😀


Woke up on Sunday and hung with Lucas and Carolyn for a bit before heading out to Hopedale to help grmbrand with house stuff. Got to hang with him and the wife and her sister and her sister’s boy. Got to play with kitties a little and get a good look at the internals of the Hopedale homestead. G and I eventually went to the Premium Cinema at the end of the day to get dinner, chat, and catch a flick… somehow it seems that every other movie I see with G is just a stinker. 😀

A late drive back to the Cape, then chilling on the couch with some cartoons until my ass fell dead into bed.

And so proceeded my weekend. That is all.

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