• As your icon so clearly explains. To me, at least, since I recognize it.


        • jessnut

          There’s a lot of non-corn Mexican food. A buritto for example has a flour tortilla, beans, rice, cheese, and maybe meat and sala in it… no corn. Just avoid things with corn tortillas (or ask for flour instead) and certain types of salsas and you should be okay.

          Just tell them you are alergic to corn (even if that’s not the issue) so that they will make sure to let you know if that’s going to be invovled in what you are eating, or just ask for a detailed ingredients list.

          • that_xmas

            Mexican food in general uses a lot of corn, corn oil and corn meal. I’d rather be safe than sorry. True, I could ask for a listing of ingredients and specifically ask for no corn products. But that’s just a big hassle and not 100% effective.

  1. mik3cap

    My dinner was corn free! I made a huge pile of three cheese nachos and quesadillas, and chicken and rice and bean burritos. Yummy!