Daily Archives: December 14, 2004

The Great Gimpy Toast

Mike Caprio 5 Replies

Next Monday will be the 10th anniversary of Messrs. M. Caprio and B. Bennett cheating death. I’d like you to join me in a toast at 1:30p.m. on 12/20/2004 – like the Challengers of the Unknown, we have successfully evaded our demise for another decade. Here’s spit in yer eye, Reaper!! P.S. do not toast […]

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Mike Caprio 3 Replies

“Stephen, talk about the voters in the Ukraine; given the corrupt nature of the regime, is anyone surprised by this assassination attempt?” “No, John, but everyone is surprised they tried to use poison. After all, this is the land of Chernobyl, the forests here are full of six foot tall carnivorous squirrels. Dioxin is like […]

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