“Stephen, talk about the voters in the Ukraine; given the corrupt nature of the regime, is anyone surprised by this assassination attempt?”

“No, John, but everyone is surprised they tried to use poison. After all, this is the land of Chernobyl, the forests here are full of six foot tall carnivorous squirrels. Dioxin is like nutmeg to these people. Just a, just a flavor enhancer.”

“But if anything, this incident seems to have rallied people to Yushchenko’s cause. So, in your mind, what’s going to happen next?”

“Well, best case scenario: voters here continue to rise up in response to this attack on democracy and vote Yushchenko into office, where he brings a new dawn of liberty to this troubled Eastern European country, before succumbing to the inevitable dioxin induced terminal cancer.”

“… And the worst case scenario?”

“I guess just the cancer. Happy holidays John.”

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  1. bonisagus says:

    A cheery ray of sunshine as always…

    • mik3cap says:

      Hey, that *is* cheery! It’s better than thinking about the fact that the populace over there has been devastated by wars and alcoholism and is right on the verge of a Tipping Point for an AIDS epidemic.

  2. all_ephemera says:

    “I guess just the cancer…” *grin*