The Great Gimpy Toast

Next Monday will be the 10th anniversary of Messrs. M. Caprio and B. Bennett cheating death.

I’d like you to join me in a toast at 1:30p.m. on 12/20/2004 – like the Challengers of the Unknown, we have successfully evaded our demise for another decade. Here’s spit in yer eye, Reaper!!

P.S. do not toast with water, it’s bad luck!!!!


    • mik3cap

      Re: eep!!

      Yes, I was “unidentified male passenger.”

      • xspliffx

        Re: eep!!

        is there a story/article on it somewhere? man! that’s a nasty accident.

        • I have the newspaper that that picture is from, somewhere.

          And Jer made a .mov of Ben on the news with his maggots. I’ve got that somewhere, too…

          -T_Tim’s mum

  1. bonisagus

    I still remember seeing that on tv…I dropped my fork and sprayed food across the dinner table at my parents.