I think I would like The 4400 better…

– If it was the X-Files.
– If Keen Eddie was the male lead.
– If it was Global Frequency.
– If it didn’t neatly wrap up every episode with the closure on why the 4400 of the week’s power is good for the future.
– If it had more mystery and spookiness in it (see “If it was the X-Files” above).
– If Jordan Collier didn’t come off like a soap opera villian/rogue. (All My 4400?)
– If there was any kind of ongoing sexual tension whatsoever on the part of either of the leads with any other cast member AT ALL.

And yet, I will continue to watch it because it’s not stupefying awful and because it’s Summer and will probably only be a couple more episodes anyway if it plays out like last year.

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7 Responses to I think I would like The 4400 better…

  1. bonisagus says:

    Is this the show about the people who were abducted by aliens and have been sent back to Earth?

  2. jessnut says:

    I agree, the show is a bit shallow. I don’t want it to be more like X-Files (I didn’t like X-Files) but it could use a little more… something.

    The current season has much more over arching plot with less obvious goodie goodie endings (for the most part).

    But you’re right, some sort of sexual tension or something of that nature would make it more interesting. I don’t know where you are in the episodes so I don’t want to say too much.

  3. drama_kween says:


    Keen Eddie is yum.

  4. aj1a says:

    I *like* the 4400 and X-Files is dumb! I’m glad it’s not the X-files. 😛