Nailed It

I went to an audition in Barnstable tonight for a play being produced at the Cape Rep theatre. The play’s an original (Winter Wheat written by Art Devine), and it’s being rewritten – I got to read a monologue off the original draft, and I think that’s what cinched it.

The production dates are May 11 to June 3, and there are four shows a week (Thursday-Sunday), so if I get cast there’s no damn excuse for you not to come.


  1. vlvtjones

    Right on!

    sweeeeeet. I could most def be up for a trip to the cape.

  2. arachne8x

    Break a leg! Should you get the role wild horses couldn’t drag me away from seeing you on stage.

    • mik3cap

      I’m a little nervous because it’ll be a big committment… 5-6 nights a week of rehearsal, plus it’s still being written and could change on the fly. This would be the real deal, a professional company with seasoned people. And I’ve never done 16 performances.

      • nimoz

        16 performances just makes all the rehearsal time totally worth it. 🙂 yay! for you!

        • mik3cap

          That’s totally true. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve wanted to be able to do more than the three performances I’ve done with WPI-related shows… it took us until the third night of Forbidden Planet just to get “TELL HER!” right. *winks at Tom*

          • ah gahd….

            Thank god you were in that show. I might have killed myself.

  3. moviemuff

    Which part?

    Sounds awesome, can I bus some peeps up from NYC.