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Homemade Household Cleaners

Tonight began my foray into making my own cleansing solutions. I used “How It All Vegan” as a guide, and went to BJ’s to buy mass quantities of vinegar and baking soda; all told, this cost me around six bucks. … Continue reading

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So um… Bluetooth

What do I do with Bluetooth? I’ve never had a device that used it before. I know how to deal with WiFi, and I’ll surely use that whenever I’m at Panera, but what is this Bluetooth thing really useful for? … Continue reading

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What do you do with a broken Treo?

One Treo 600, coded to AT&T Wireless, blighted with orange cancer. Reception poor and staticy. Comes with case, cartridge, cables, and chargers. Who wants it? Next stop is the trash, I guess… I can’t imagine trying to sell it on … Continue reading

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