Stayed home from work today for a day of rest. Nose is running like a river, but I feel almost human. I’ve already been through half a box of tissues; I drink water, and it just comes right out my nostrils.

I somehow have to work up the willpower to go outside and do a load of laundry, as I have no clean underwear or socks. bah.


  1. xspliffx

    well i hope you feel better. my face was doing the same, so im working from home as well. did laundry late last nite though, so i’m one step ahead! miss ya!


  2. this is a kinda funny post.
    im sorry that you are sick.. i hope you start to feel better soon.. and that you can turn your nose off.
    Ive got a sinus infection and have had a headache for like a month.
    its a total blast

  3. Souped UP?

    Glad you are resting.
    What’s the word from the theatre?