It Is Decreed

Henceforth, all foodstuffs shall be produced in the shape of small people and cute animals, to facilitate the biting off of heads. The tastiest foods shall have faces, and be decorated fancifully with looks of shock and horror.

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10 Responses to It Is Decreed

  1. ex_a_muffin says:

    HAHA! Now I’m gonna have to make cute little hamster cakes or something. hehehe..

  2. xspliffx says:

    my friends page is turning into the mikey channel again… 😉

  3. mighty_1 says:

    Have you ever had “Mighty Bites” cereal? It’s little people.

    My cat Dharma likes to eat it and it’s funny to watch the giant cat chew on little people. Like a Godzilla movie or something.

  4. jessnut says:

    The Pontiff of Chocolate demands it!

  5. but that’s how i make all my food… 😛