State of the Mikey

This past weekend was extremely action-packed, and immensely enjoyable.

When I learned that Evil Dead the musical was shutting down, I decided spur of the moment that I had to go. I managed to get last minute tickets for myself and , whom I easily convinced to drive here from Massachusetts at the mention of the musical. He arrived in the nick of time, and we sped off to off-Broadway.

Let me just say: this show was a hoot. It was leagues better than Spamalot – the cast had higher energy, wittier humor, better choreography, and the stagecraft was simply a stunning execution of cheesy shlock. For those not in the know, EDtM is a stage version of Evil Dead 2, a film well known for its over the top buckets of blood and goofy gore; I have to say that this production faithfully recreated every aspect of the beloved B movie, and it’s the kind of thing you just have to have seen and heard to believe. I sincerely hope it manages a revival or goes on tour at some point.

Xmas and I then proceeded back to Billyburg, whereupon we proceeded to imbibe generously. We first hit the Spike Hill Grill, where remarked my companion: “There are four women to every guy here!” This is true, sir, and I am quite glad of it. I quickly became tipsy, as I am wont, and we shuttled back to my neck of the woods where we gobbled down some late night slices of heavenly pizza and ended the evening at Daddy’s.

The next day I introduced my friend to the wonderfulness that is Dr. Sketchy’s. I lent him my charcoals, clipboard, and paper, and we set off back towards Bedford Ave. Our first stop was the Roebling Tea Room, where we had a very tasty brunch (french toast and stewed apples for him, cheddar eggs and grits for me) and passed the time until the anti-art class.

We were warmly received by the gang at the Lucky Cat Lounge, and I was honored to meet and draw , who is both very beautiful and very sweet. We learned that Xmas has an excellent eye for a beginning artist, and you already saw the best thing I drew in an earlier post. Saturday night was a quiet evening at home working on the new web site and cuddling with The General.

Yesterday was the cherry on top of my sundae. I went to visit a new friend (Danielle) who lives on the Upper East Side for a low-key evening of watching DVDs and eating really tasty authentic Mexican takeout; unfortunately, I stayed about a half hour too long and ended up being late to meet my other new friend and her friend for drinks and a Midnight showing of The Warriors at the Landmark Sunshine. Great classic flick – now I have to start wearing beer bottles on my fingers.

So, currently coming up on the radar, we have:
– Finish the movie synopsis for the magazine
– Call a recruiter about a contract software assignment
– Interview on Tuesday with a small software firm
– This weekend: NY Comic-con! Sol Chinese New Year!! (did you RSVP??)
– Next weekend: Intercon? Mr. , we need to chat.

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