What I Did This Past Weekend

I attended the NY Comic-Con with 10,000,000,000 of my closest friends. Highlights included:

  • Waiting for an hour in a line that was five blocks long
  • Staring at Evan Dorkin
  • Shaking Frank Cho’s hand and telling him I was the guy from Ctoons.com
  • Attending a panel with Garth Ennis, Jim Lee, and Steve Niles
  • Attending a panel with Steve Ratazzi, Mike Sinterniklaas, Jackson Publick, Doc Hammer, and James Urbaniak
  • Staring at Stan Lee
  • Doing a screen test for a TV host job involving me going to Japan and interviewing anime voice actors and artists
  • Finding Skull #5
  • Walking around and seeing a bunch of artists and writers in person, some fossilized (like Mort Walker and Gene Colan) and some not (Jhonen Vasquez, Michael Avon Oeming, JMS, and many more)

Entrance Entrance
The big banner at the entrance.
Enter Comic-Con Enter Comic-Con
This is what you saw when you first came into the con… a gigantic Pikachu, representing the utter domination of Nintendo.
Detective Comics Detective Comics
The D.C. booth, featuring Alex Ross – everyone’s darling!
Obligatory Stormtroopers Obligatory Stormtroopers
These buggers are everywhere.
Admiring Stan Lee from afar.
Model A Model A
This Model A has been painted with many characters from comics, cartoons, puppetry, and other pop culture icons.
Tailgate Tailgate
This is a detail of the tailgate showing all Simpsons characters.
Crabapples Crabapples
A lovely lady and a stern agent.
FIN FANG FOOM (sans pants) FIN FANG FOOM (sans pants)
“Fin Fang Foom put you in pants now.” This is a giant Heroclix figure – it can hold normal size figs in its hand. I would then make pants for it, and write up rules for the psychological damage that occurs when figs are placed in its pants. I NEED NEXTWAVE HEROCLIX NOW ZOMG PLX KTHX KBYE!!!
Now I want Hellboy to fight Fin Fang Foom.
I Like Big Butts I Like Big Butts
And then I want the Alien queen to eat Hellboy.
And then I want The Smurfs to eat the Alien queen like a swarm of pirhana. Smurf you you smurfing mothersmurfer!!
Just Wow Just Wow
Venture Brothers panel Venture Brothers panel
Steven Ratazzi (Dr. Orpheus), Mike Sinterniklaas (Dean), and Jackson Publick.
Urbaniak and me Urbaniak and me
The urbaniak and I share a moment.

P.S. I think my coverage of the con kicks WIRED’s coverage’s ass.

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  1. karmadrome says:

    If you weren’t already my hero, you are now.