A Remembered Dream

I had this dream a couple weeks ago, then promptly forgot it after explaining it to a friend and to my sisters. Last night I tried an experiment – as I began to fall asleep, and my mind started to shut down and wander, I told myself that I wanted to remember the dream. My friend Andrew had said something to the tune of “It was about a laser. A laser, something.” and that was all he could remember… but it was enough. I thought about a laser, and started free associating as I drifted off.

When I woke up this morning, it was there. I got it all back.

A team of scientists was working on developing some new kind of energy transmission system. They had succeeded in creating something like a laser, but they were afraid of using the system on Earth because they really weren’t sure what was going to happen. So they put it in orbit, and fired this energy beam back and forth; the experiment went off without a hitch, but something was not quite right with the data. They determine that somehow this system generates more energy than it uses/transfers. In fact, they soon discover that somehow the system had actually generated matter from nothingness. A large rocky object fell to the ground out of orbit, and some pieces of it survived as they fell to the planet’s surface.

This was obviously a huge deal, the scientists were excited and freaked out that they’d bent the laws of physics in this manner, and they were thrilled by the potential application of limitless energy generation. No one had expected this at all. However, when a team was sent to investigate what fell out of orbit, they discovered something even more unusual – one of the remnants of the “rocky object” was a piece of a column, as in the kind of column that holds up a building, and it was inscribed with some strange language. The matter came from somewhere else and was crafted by intelligent beings. So now the question was: where did it come from? Was it from another planet? Was it from a completely different spacetime – an alternate universe?

I think in my dream the scientists did decide that they had created a multiversal portal. It promptly ended after that.

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3 Responses to A Remembered Dream

  1. sirroxton says:

    Last night I dreamt I recited an NPR program to my extended family. Seriously. My dreams have been fscking boring lately.

  2. vlvtjones says:

    All my dreams have been about what my apartment looked like with all that crap inside it, and what I want it to look like when it gets fixed up.

  3. methanopyrus says:

    Has not happened much lately, but, I love it when I dream in the morning on an ordinary day, even a work day, and relax to fall asleep that same night thinking of the dream.