I have to do some clothes shopping today, mostly for work, but also to improve my wardrobe. The first few times I ever came to New York, I felt really out of place – and it was because of fashion and clothing. I felt so incredibly underdressed, even in the most casual circumstances; and it wasn’t even all about having fancy designer getups or what have you, it was simply a question of assembling things in an interesting way. Just a matter of style… and I didn’t have any. Still don’t really, and I need to address that.


  1. Can’t beat H&M. Cheap and cute. If you need to stock up, it’s a good bet.

    Canal Jeans is also good, but I don’t know about the menswear.

    • Oh, and I bought Erik almost all of his pants at Urban Outfitters.

      • mik3cap

        Most places I go to I have to hope that they stock 2XL shirts or 42 waist pants. If I’m lucky, they don’t run small; the 2XL shirts are invariably an inch or two shorter than I’d like. I’ve been on this borderline of sizes for a while now, being not quite small enough for the nice clothes.

        The day I finally get down into the 30s for waist size will be a very good day. I’m not sure I’ll ever be an XL though, my shoulders are too broad.

  2. If you happen upon good places for dressing ladies of the academic/geek persuasion, let me know. My NY family is constantly threatening to drag me into the city and unmake my wardrobe, and this may be the year they do it.

    • mik3cap

      You should just be a rebel and go to Yellow Rat Bastard. 🙂

        • mik3cap

          It’s actually a cool place with good stuff too… which I don’t fit in. 🙁

          • Yeah, the upside to being me-dimensioned (i.e. pocket-sized) is always being able to find clothes that fit. American women’s fashion is designed for the little and slim-hipped.

  3. Agreed with your sis above. Go to a dept store like Macy’s and get the cornerstone pieces you’ll need from season to season. “The Classics”, as it were – tailored trousers, dress shirts, that sort of thing. Then go to the hipper stores to grab the highlight pieces: jeans, shirts, jackets, accessories.

    Things to note: loud patterns do not camouflage anything, things that fit big on you will make you look bigger, not smaller, and don’t be afraid to take your stuff to a tailor to make them fit properly. Men have it easy: most stores do not charge men for tailoring like they do women.