Do you think people would be interested in an Isaac Asimov themed LARP? I have no other concept except that it would be neat to get a lot of Asimov’s principal characters together in a room.

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  1. Ding ding ding!!

    Dude, geek alarm!!

  2. elusiveat says:

    I think that if I were to go in that direction, I’d be more interested in say, playing with the idea of characterization within the Laws of Robotics, than the idea of sticking characters together in a room. I remember Asimov for his ideas, not for his characters. The only one who has really stuck with me is Harry Seldon, and he’s almost more of a backdrop than a person. I’d be more interested in playing someone who knew him or saw one of his recordings than in playing the man himself. He knows too much to be interesting to play.