Tonight’s Dinner

I had the day off today, and decided to walk around Manhattan in the beautiful, beautiful weather. I made my way down to Bleecker Street in the West Village, and hit Murray’s Cheese shop and the pork store next to it… purchased handmade sweet sopressata and hot cappicola, a ciabatta, and a seasonal goat cheese from Piedmont, Italy known as the Caprina Noce de Cora. It was wrapped in blackened walnut leaves, and had a beautiful musty odor.

It was almost a muffaletta – I lacked only the olive tapenade. But I smeared half the goat cheese on the ciabatta, layered interwined meats on top of it, and baked the whole thing on low wrapped in aluminum foil for about fifteen minutes.

This sandwich was very nearly a religious experience. I chased it down with a bottle of Fentimans Curiosity Cola, and savored every delicious bite.

I still have half of it left in the fridge. I need to get some kalamata olives and smash them up in a little olive oil…