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Sam Delaney is my new hero. Not because he’s had 50k sex partners, but because I feel a strong intellectual and ethical kinship with him. I identify with him a great deal after watching his video memoir and hearing his … Continue reading

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Things For Today

Sausage gravy and challah french toast – Brooklyn Label. Bocce madness (even won a couple times) – McCarren Park. Bianca pizza (tasty, but way too pricy) – Una Pizza Napoletana. Taro ice cream with chocolate chips – Sundaes and Cones. … Continue reading

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Why You Love The CIA

I got this off of John Hodgman’s blog: I really really really really want to see Jack Kirby concept illustrations of Zelazny’s Lord of Light. Dear god, I want to POSSESS them. Do you think the CIA has them … Continue reading

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Will We Kill The World?

If Big Agriculture and genetically modified pesticide pollen from corn and soy and wheat kills all the bees, the world is FUCKED. We’re talking Soylent Green, kill the food chain, eat your friends fucked. It may already be too late … Continue reading

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