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A Faustian Bargain Struck

I think the Democrats compromised with the President. He said: “Let me send more troops!” and they said: “No frigging way. We can’t let you get away with that overtly.” So a plume of black smoke appeared, and Karl Rove … Continue reading

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Polyphasic Sleep

These days I’ve been lucky to get six hours of sleep. And it has not been uninterrupted sleep, as Gau has taken to waking me up at INHUMAN hours of the morning to feed him (at around 4:00a.m. he either … Continue reading

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I Think SquareSpace Is It

I’m moving more and more stuff over to the SquareSpace site. I like it, and primarily it’s because of the traffic stats. But as I use it more, it grows on me… the WYSIWYG can be annoying, but you get … Continue reading

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HEROES Season Finale (ok, maybe spoilers in comments)

No spoilers… except to say that nothing that happens in the last episode precludes the future where the city blows up. All Sylar has to do is get Candice’s power, like he said he did in the future. He can … Continue reading

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