Spider-Man 3 Premiere Party At Kaufman Astoria Studios

I found myself attending the Spider-Man 3 NYC Premiere Party in Astoria (Queens) at the Kaufman Astoria Studios, located across from the Museum of the Moving Image. It was my first real Hollywood premiere, and I was not disappointed. Well, maybe a little disappointed in the food, but perhaps my expectations were just a tad too high – there was plenty to be had, lots of Asian style dumpling type snacks and meats on a stick, some pasta and meats and cheeses, and an open bar (naturally). The quality of food was a bit so-so, but the bartender did ask me: “Do you want more rum, or more Coke?” Now that’s a premiere party! I do guess at the very least I was expecting more of a Spider-Man theme with the catering… and with good reason.


As you can see in the photo, Sony went all out with the decor and atmosphere. You don’t see the giant projection screen with a repeating video loop of action scenes from the film, or hear the 80s & modern-tastic live mixes by a stellar DJ. But you do get a hint of how the soundstage was totally decked out with spiderweb gels, black and red furniture, the “spider-dome” and green goblin lasers and “goblin bomb candles”. It was pretty fricking SWEET for a comic book maven like myself.

In attendance (not a complete list by far, just who I walked past or saw): Kirsten Dunst, Tobey Maguire, Topher Grace, James Cromwell, Robert Duvall, Mickey Dolenz, Susan Sarandon. You couldn’t get anywhere near Kirsten or Tobey, but Topher was busily signing autographs and somewhat accessible (and a nice enough guy considering the social situation).

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