Di Fara’s – New and Improved (Midwood)

What was old is new again!  Di Fara’s pizzeria has been a Brooklyn landmark for many decades; proprietor Dom DeMarco has been perfecting his pizza there for over 40 years, and he uses only the tastiest ingredients imported from Italy.  Slices may seem pricy at $3.00 for plain and $4.00 for a topping, and $22.00 to $25.00 for a whole pizza, but once you bite into a fresh pie that has emerged bubbling and molten from the oven, sprinkled with freshly handgrated Grana Padano cheese, you truly no longer care.

Dom.jpgThe DeMarco family has been plagued with troubles recently.  A second location opened by the younger generation in SoHo was closed after a tragic shooting, and the primary location has been shut down five times over the last few months by an overzealous Department of Health.  As I’ve been a longtime appreciator of Di Fara’s, I can personally attest that conditions at the restaurant have improved significantly.  Dom is now wearing a hat, the floors and tables are kept much cleaner than they were, and fresh paint adorns the walls.

The food of course has not changed one whit, and for that I am extremely glad.  However, I have to strongly recommend that you experience Di Fara’s for yourself as quickly as possible, before the DOH Gestapo rushes in there again.  And to anyone who thinks that there’s any reason for concern, I say this:  you’re living in a fantasy world if you think that any restaurant in thiis city adheres to some Draconian standard of cleanliness.  If any of them do, they are likely to be antiseptic, pesticide-ridden fast food chains with chemically laden food that is nutritionally bankrupt and artificially tasty.  Go right ahead and eat anywhere else – it’ll mean a shorter wait for my pizza!

Please check out additional photos here, courtesy of Rose Sol.

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  1. Rose

    Here’s the video link to see Dom in action, too!