I’m breaking the “rule” about posting about movies in this blog, but it’s only because I don’t think I can write about it without being blatantly political or negative, and I don’t really want to post that on the “pro” blog. And so, here I go…

I saw Sicko with Sylvia tonight at Loews Lincoln Square – and it is a fantastic movie-doc, I think I enjoyed it better than Bowling For Columbine. But really what it did was reinforce a growing belief within me that the future no longer belongs to this nation. I surely do not want to spend the next thirty or forty years of my life working my ass off to get nothing for my trouble, to just give all my money away to megacorporations and insurance companies when the bills come due and not be able to retire.

It may seem defeatist to say it, but it looks to me like the country is lost. It now belongs to the top one percent; the haves have won, and have completely rigged the system in their favor – there is no democracy, only plutocracy, and the CEOs have all the money. I think I’d much rather live in a truly democratic European country that will give me two months of paid vacation a year and free medical coverage for the rest of my life than live here where I’ll basically be gambling that I’ll never have a major illness that will eat up all my assets (house, retirement plan, nonexistent “social security”) because my “insurance” won’t pay.

The U.S. has the worst infant mortality in the Western world, and every other country – including Cuba, a poor and tiny island nation – has free universal health care. I could be severely injured in a foreign country and get better care for free than I would where I live and have to pay for it. People don’t even believe in evolution here, why the hell would I want to stay?

Please dad, please get the Italian citizenship thing going for me – for my future!

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