Aachi and Ssipak [2006]

Aachi and Ssipak is what you get when you take a room full of Korean animators, dose them on crack and bad acid, and force them to watch Ralph Bakshi’s Wizards on a loop a la A Clockwork Orange for 24 hours straight.  Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing if you like your humor raunchy and straight from the toilet.  If you don’t, I suggest you forget you ever even heard the title of this movie.

But if you’re an occasional fan of South Park (as I am myself), you may get a big kick out of the over-the-top hyperkinetic poop-fest that is this movie.  It’s the only animated offering at this year’s New York Asian Film Festival, and it aims to offend the sensibilities of everyone who watches it.  It’s got sex, shit, cyborgs, mutants, drugs, gangsters, chase scenes, gun fights, and a whole lot of crazy action.  The plot centrally revolves around controlling the supply of government provided “juicybars” which are automatically dispensed as a reward for crapping in a public toilet (because human excrement is the energy source of the future, don’t you know).  Of course these juicybars are actually addictive, hallucinogenic, and mutagenic!  An uncountable horde of smurf-like mutants is created and organized into a revolutionary movement (called The Diaper Gang) by a Hitler-like leader, and constantly locks horns with the control-oriented government.

aik.jpgAachi and Ssipak are just two lowly hoods trying to make bank by holding up people in toilets for their juicybars; but they get caught up with a sex-bomb named Beauty in a whirlwind comedy of errors that will ultimately decide the future of their dystopic world.

Most scenes in the movie are completely blatant rip-offs of other movies; anyone with a smattering of pop culture knowledge will recognize the nearly frame-by-frame recreation of the railcar chase scene from Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom or the opening sequence of Akira which is mirrored almost completely at the beginning of this film.  You might also catch lines from RoboCop or notice the standoff scene from True Romance.  It’s really just one lampoon after another, and if you really care about such things you can almost see an underlying moral subtext… nah, who cares??  It’s just a whole shitload of fun.  It really won’t do much good for me to go into any more detail about this film; it’s likely to become a cult classic amongst the Adult Swim “stoner” crowd.

If you understand Korean, you may get a kick out of the movie’s official website.

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