Graham Avenue Gossip (Williamsburg)

graham_2.jpgEast Williamsburg is home to a lot of great eateries, and the main strip in this primarily Italian part of the neighborhood is Graham Avenue (a.k.a. Via Vespucci).  Graham is also the starting or ending point of many parades and festivals over the Summer; really the heart of the place.  To name a few of my favorite establishments: Oak Cafe, Cafe Capri, Carmine’s Pizzeria, Tony’s Pizza, and Loco Burrito.  There are several places I have yet to try – and there are still more and more places opening up!

Take The Salad Queen, for example.  I swear, I was just walking past the area one day and this joint just popped up out of nowhere.  Located just around the corner from Ralph’s Italian Ices, this tiny nook serves custom salads and sandwiches.  I have yet to try it out, but the prices seem reasonable.

One place that I really wanted to like in the area was Satchmo’s.  It was a juice bar and cafe, with decent baked goods, and fresh, tasty concoctions, and free wireless.  Unfortunately, it seemed to be badly managed, and the prices were really excessive on some items, and too cheap on others.  It closed down not too long after I first encountered it, to no great surprise.

Since then it’s been gutted and cleaned, and papered up.  However, this blogger has nosed around and learned directly from Tony (of Tony’s Pizza) who also happens to be the landlord of the building, that a new vegan restaurant will be opening up in that spot!  So keep your eyes peeled for another vegan spot opening up at 347 Graham, right between the burrito place and Tony’s.


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