Inland Empire

Remember this flick? That movie freaked me out a few months ago. I got this in the mail today:

And now, a contest: David Lynch’s art-house barnburner Inland Empire comes to DVD next Tuesday, Aug. 14. While the critical consensus around New York helped establish it among the most acclaimed titles of 2006, I loathed it so much that I’m giving my copy — with its making-of featurette, Lynch interview, deleted scenes and more — away to the first lucky reader who answers the thoroughly ridiculous question: What was the David Lynch-branded concession stand item that was sold during last winter’s blockbuster run at IFC Center? The first correct respondent to takes it; winners of other Reeler contests within the last 90 days are ineligible, I’m afraid.

So yeah. I won the contest. Now I get the DVD sometime around the end of the month… so I can recreate my cognitive disassociation experience IN MY OWN HOME. It may not pack quite the same punch as wandering the streets of the city the same way Laura Dern did, and hearing a man next to me say, in a creepy voice: “It’s a lot easier… once you get INSIDE.”

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6 Responses to Inland Empire

  1. kitteridge says:

    You’re on a ROLL, Brooklyn M!

  2. I MISSED A DAVID LYNCH MOVIE!@?!?@!?@!?@!?@?@#@?#?