This past Tuesday, on Birthday’s Eve, Randee (a.k.a. kitteridge) took me out for dinner. But not just any dinner, no, and not to one restaurant… but to THREE DIFFERENT BBQ restaurants in three hours. It was one of the most incredible dining experiences I’ve ever had – a literal “food-athon” where we ran to one place, got the grub on, and ran off to the next, culminating in a lovely dessert at home later in the evening.

We started at Blue Smoke on 116 East 27th Street, meandered over to the newly opened Hill Country on 30 West 26th Street, and then took the subway up to Virgil’s in Times Square at 152 West 44th Street. We essentially shared samplers at each of the establishments in turn, and managed to almost make our reservations in time; we were late in part because I had to solve some riddles that indicated the addresses of the places we were going to. Fun!! It was a very memorable night, and one of the best birthday events I’ve ever done.

Posing at Blue Smoke Posing at Blue Smoke
Me and Randee smiling for the waitperson.
Hill Country Basement Bar Hill Country Basement Bar
A shot of the bar in the basement of Hill Country
Dinner at Hill Country Dinner at Hill Country
Pork ribs, cornbread with ancho honey butter, chipotle deviled eggs, mac n’ cheese, and a jalepeno cheese sausage. Nummy!
Hill Country Meal Ticket Hill Country Meal Ticket
At Hill Country, food is served a la carte (like at Fette Sau) and you get your purchases marked on a meal ticket.
Randee at Virgil's Randee at Virgil’s
Randee looking adorable.
Dinner at Virgil's Dinner at Virgil’s
Pulled pork with mac and cheese, slaw, and potato salad. Tasty, but not as good as Fette Sau’s!
I always wanted one of these. Now I just need to get a COOKIE PUSS!!

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