You know what I would really like to see? I would like to see a Fortune 100 company create a position called “Chief Ethics Executive” (to distinguish from CEO). A top level executive whose sole job is to ensure that a company stays profitable, just not at the expense of human health and welfare. They would be empowered to make changes in the company, have access to information as any other top level exec would, and otherwise advise boards and shareholders as to the course of action that is both most ethical and most profitable.

Kind of like an ombudsman, someone keeping a human face on the decisions. Someone who says: “Well Bob, if we did cut the budget and relax our toy testing program, thousands of kids could get lead poisoning. That’s not good for anybody, and not actually good for the bottom line despite the short term benefit to your department.”

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5 Responses to The CEE

  1. I’d love to see that, actually. It sounds like an almost impossible fantasy, but I’d still loe to see it…

    Hm. Wonder if I could be the first one? I bet I could market myself as such…

    • mik3cap says:

      The real trick to it would be having the ability to balance political skills with business acumen and actual compassion. You’d need to not only point out that kids could get sick, you’d have to run the numbers for risks and demonstrate potential loss of investment and shareholder liability and show them the true costs of doing business (because nobody thinks or cares about the future, just how much money they can grab now).

      You’d have to have someone who actually thinks of other people before him or herself, and also realizes that doing things to customers to negatively impact their environment and health and welfare is bad for business.