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An Open Letter To Showtime (and other quality content providers)

Dear Showtime, I’m a big fan of your work. You innovate with your content and you create some really special entertainment. Unfortunately, we have a problem. The problem is that I hate my cable provider. Their service does not meet … Continue reading

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More Evidence of Apple Domination

Wal-Mart gives up online movie download service Guess what? It didn’t work on iPods. DUH. Netflix for the win in buying out and outlasting Wal-Mart. But what is Netflix doing to make its service available on mobile devices? Will that … Continue reading

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Always Check Your Bills!!

I’ve been paying $59.95 a month for standard Road Runner service – apparently the cost of this service was reduced to $44.95 as of 10/1/2007. Unfortunately for me, I don’t get paper statements and wasn’t notified! So I paid $60 … Continue reading

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