Daily Archives: December 27, 2007

Always Check Your Bills!!

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I’ve been paying $59.95 a month for standard Road Runner service – apparently the cost of this service was reduced to $44.95 as of 10/1/2007. Unfortunately for me, I don’t get paper statements and wasn’t notified! So I paid $60 a month for two extra months, and if I hadn’t stumbled upon this price change […]

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I Heart The Strand

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I’m never going to Barnes & Noble again. The Strand is way, way better… I could spend hours upon hours in there just pawing through cool old books. And the prices are much better than any other retail bookseller I’ve been to. I’m totally an antiquarian bibliophile.

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Apple, Fox, Netflix, and Online Movies

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The first major film studio since Disney is now in partnership with Apple, signifying that the computer maker’s dominance in the media delivery business is official. Not only will iTunes begin delivering content from 20th Century Fox; new Fox DVDs will have FairPlay (Apple’s DRM) embedded in them (for “easy ripping” to iTunes). Apple is […]

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