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Mike Caprio 14 Replies

What I find utterly amazing is that amongst all the hullabaloo about sub-prime mortgages and foreclosures and tax relief and interest rates… of all these voices shouting over each other trying to propose solutions, the only group that’s saying *anything* about credit card reform is Consumers Union. The entire issue of credit card companies fucking […]

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Oh Greenspan, You Sneak!

Mike Caprio 2 Replies

Greenspan foresaw all of this years and years ago! He started preparing to leave his office in 2004 by raising the rate as fast as he could over his last two years… so that the next guy to come in would have enough slack to drop the rate when needed. I think the problem though […]

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Games I Want To Play #1

Mike Caprio 4 Replies

First in a series of posts describing games I want to play. Not necessarily any particular medium – could be incarnated as a board, card, or video game. “Survival Horror meets Civilization-style Resource Management” SETTING: Zombie apocalypse OBJECTIVE: Survive, maybe even rebuild civilization GAME PLAY: – Turn based, or maybe “X-Com” style where a clock […]

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