I was given a deep fryer for Christmas. It is the greatest item in the universe.

I broke it in over New Year’s weekend – made steak frites, beer battered onion rings, and heated up frozen mozzarella sticks. I did quite a lot of frying with 3.8 liters of oil, and very little of the oil actually ended up in the food after cooking. It was very easy to clean up too.

Other things to attempt frying:
– sweet potato fries
– fried chicken
– frozen balls of Nutella
– frozen fun size candy bars
– corn fritters
– any thing else I can get my hands on

This is entirely not in conflict with any health related goals I have for the new year, I swear!! I’ll only use my powers of frying for good, not evil. Frying gets a bad rap anyway – it’s all about the oil your cooking in and how long you leave the food in it, really.