Games I Want To Play #1

First in a series of posts describing games I want to play. Not necessarily any particular medium – could be incarnated as a board, card, or video game.

“Survival Horror meets Civilization-style Resource Management”

SETTING: Zombie apocalypse

OBJECTIVE: Survive, maybe even rebuild civilization

– Turn based, or maybe “X-Com” style where a clock is always running, tasks are allotted a certain amount of time to complete, and events interrupt.
– “Scouting party” skirmishes where armed parties search for survivors, resources, or make offensives against zombies; in a video game, this could be a squad-level FPS simulation.
– Could be multi-player; people could cooperate or compete for resources.
– The exploration of the world area reveals things over time: zombie hordes, cities in various states of disarray, military groups, warlords, places to move into and take over (like prisons or Wal-Marts).
– Typical tasks in a turn: Build onto your existing fortifications, defend areas, watch/police your population for infections, locate resources/weapons/survivors.

I’m thinking Puerto Rico meets ZOMBIES!!! in terms of board games… other inspirations include “The Walking Dead” comic and “World War Z” novel.

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4 Responses to Games I Want To Play #1

  1. vlvtjones says:

    I’m reading World War Z now. Super fun.

    I’m thinking there’s a video game that came out recently where you’re battling zombies in a mall. I seem to remember a player beating a zombie with an acoustic guitar from the music store.

    • mik3cap says:

      Yeah, there’s one for 360, and I believe there’s even a zombie MMORPG where you can play a zombie or a human.

      I’m thinking though I want to play something that’s more along the lines of resource management though. I want to experience the frustration that the DISTRES people in World War Z did when trying to train people and try to make a new economy after an apocalypse.

      p.s. Did you know the author is Mel Brooks’ son?

      • vlvtjones says:

        No Way!!! That’s awesome.

        I had a laugh at the name DISTRES; but it’s definitely one of those books that you keep reading and wonder “what if?”, y’know? It may not be zombies, but something’s going to bring humankind to its knees, and all our super expensive military technology isn’t going to be worth anything.

        • mik3cap says:

          My bets for human destruction are on:

          1) Mold
          2) Asteroids

          A mold will either be genetically engineered (or will spontaneously evolve) that will destroy all our GMO food crops (mainly corn and soy) within weeks. All food manufacturing will stop, all livestock will starve, global famine will ensue.

          Either that or a big rock will hit and choke the planet with dust and further fuck the climate completely. Which would also kill millions with floods and famine, no matter where the rock hits (though land will be much, much worse than water).

          The only hopes for “humanity” lie in leaving the Earth and creating more colonies or transcending biology completely.