Amy Winehouse – who cares?

I bought “Back To Black” today, spurred by the Grammy win of Ms. W. And I like soulful female vocalists, so I figured: why not?

Turns out I don’t care for any of the album beyond “Rehab”. And listening to the other tracks makes me think that she doesn’t really have that much talent – she’s all hype and gossip. In fact, I’m half sure that her music and her entire persona is totally manufactured. Her sound is too demographically targeted… it hits R&B and baby boomer sensibilities, yet her antics also make her extra appealing to retro loving snort-coke-in-the-bathroom hipsters.

I’ll take Fiona Apple over her any day of the week.


  1. drband36

    Not a fan. She’s…thoroughly OK. Nothing beyond. I cannot fathom the huge hype she’s garnered, other than that people like to watch someone who gives off the “heroin fiend” vibe and might spin out at any moment…