Hedwig Gau is home

Gau has returned, and is in high spirits (perhaps due to his painkillers). He’s got to go in tomorrow morning to get an IV shunt removed, and possibly get another catheter if he doesn’t pee here at home tonight.

His entire butt is shaved – like a reverse poodle. There’s basically just a large bloody stitch going from his anus to his lower belly, and everything that was there is gone. He used to have a furry little sack, but all his junk has now been taken away. That bit was a little unexpected, I thought he’d at least get to keep that; now all his genetic material is gone. Cloning will be the only option for more Gaus!!

He was laying on me earlier, purring happily, so I guess my fears of him changing personality were unfounded. Now he just needs to recover, and all will be well.

Also, the bill came out to be half what I was expecting, so that’s a little bit of good news too.


  1. Surgery on cat = Half of what was expected.

    Scrotal removal = 100%

    Gau purring contentedly on your lap despite being shaved, de-tom’ed and with a catheter = priceless

    • mik3cap

      Gau says he still prefers the appellation “general”.

  2. jessnut

    I don’t know why you were so worried… unless you think all males’ personalities revolve around their genetalia…

    You wouldn’t change if you for some reason had to have your nuts removed, there’s no reason to think Gau would.

    He may be a little less or more territorial, and a little less or more sexual for a while, but that’s it.

    • mik3cap

      I was worried less about the removal of genitalia than I was about his pain and the major surgery making him trust me less or be angry at me.

      • jessnut

        Good thing animals don’t have a very long memory. 🙂

        1000s of cats and dogs are spayed and neutered every day and they all recover just fine. You worry about nothing.

        • mik3cap

          Neutering is castration – removal of the penis is different. He’s had his whole urinary system reworked, there is a major scar running down his whole underside.

          • jessnut

            Removal of the penis is less important. There are no glands or hormones produced by the penis like their is in the testies.

            The scar is nothing, it’ll cover up with fur and cats aren’t worried about vanity like that.

            • mik3cap

              I’m not saying there’s a big scar for vanity’s sake, just that the scar being big implies that there was a lot of work done.

              I’m a little sad that he’s lost the glands though, for the sake of his hormones.

  3. Glad Gau came through OK. Take care of him – surgery kitties need luv. 🙂

  4. vlvtjones

    I think it means “who cares, all cats squat to pee anyway”

    Dear Gau:


    Love, Shamus