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Pope: ‘Women Suck’

VATICAN CITY, VATICAN – Citing the relatively low probability of women being sex offenders, the Catholic Pope today vowed to excommunicate any ordained female priests. “They just aren’t as good as men at molesting children,” spake the pontiff. “And hey, … Continue reading

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Satirists: ‘We Were Only Fucking Kidding’

NEW YORK, NY – Staff members at a nationally distributed, satirical multimedia publishing syndicate expressed remorse and indignation over the Bush administration’s complete and utter fulfillment of a sardonic article (allegedly intended to be humorous) first printed over seven years … Continue reading

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Warren Commands Me

Thus I post a link to his weekly webcomic, Freakangels: It’s about a steampunk dystopia populated by psychic teenagers and the victims of their powers (the kids caused the apocalypse). It’s about two “issues” in so far, so it’s … Continue reading

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