Iron Man

They should have called it “AWESOME MAN” but I understand the whole licensing thing and whatever…

It was very well done. It wasn’t quite the same level of blockbuster for me that Spider-Man was; somehow it just didn’t have the same directorial joie-de-vivre and depth that Sam Raimi injected into the Spider, but Jon Favreau gave it a good go and treated the character with a lot of respect. Kudos also to the screenwriters who managed to put a lot of fun into one of my favorite comic characters.

I will say though that it would have been nice to have some darker moments; maybe Tony’s alcoholism will rear its ugly head in the sequel, or even the third film (I’m sure there’ll be a third). Mandarin is totally the bad guy in the second movie.

Also, if they somehow pull off an Avengers movie, that will be fucking amazing. Ed Norton and Robert Downey Jr. and whomever ends up playing Thor? That’ll be just mint. It looks like The Ultimates is totally making the big screen transition. I’m hoping they throw in Hawkeye too… maybe they’ll fight Ultron?? That’d be fun, just a totally different story instead of what’s in Ultimates.

So, let’s see… we’ll have a Thor movie, a second Iron Man, and then The Avengers – or will they call it The Ultimates? At least three more movies in the pipe!

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  1. You did stay ’til after the credits right? I was giggling like a little girl for about an hour after I saw that bit.