Interviewed by arachne8x

1) #1 comfort food

Wow, this one’s tough, it’s like one of those “Which one is your favorite child?” type questions! I’m going to write out a short list and then try to figure it out from there.

  • macaroni and cheese
  • Thanksgiving stuffing
  • homemade manicotti
  • stuffed tomatoes
  • chocolate/chocolate ice cream
  • chocolate chip cookies and milk

So, a couple of things hit me about this list. Basically they all boil down to dairy, chocolate, and stuffing (which in these cases is primarily carbs). So mainly it seems that I like fat, carbs, and sweets for comfort. Additionally, half of these are family recipes – so the home-cooking aspect of comfort food is important to me and I shouldn’t discount that.

I think I’m going to have to go with Thanksgiving stuffing, followed closely by stuffed tomatoes. And I think the former wins out because I can make it any time of year, while tomatoes are really only good in the Summer; and because I will literally eat that stuffing for two meals a day for a week while eating Thanksgiving leftovers. Damn, I love that “stuff”.

2) Favorite thing about living in NYC

When I first thought about whether I wanted to live in New York or Cambridge, I based my decision on the idea that New York has everything that Cambridge has, and more. Now that I’ve been here for a year and a half, I think I can say that’s only mostly true. There are definitely some aspects of Cambridge I like that New York does not embody; but New York does have a metric fuckton of stuff going on, and I’ve met some really cool and amazing people here.

More than anything though, I’ve come to learn that New York isn’t just a place – it’s also an idea, maybe even a goal. It’s like Hollywood (or less specifically, Los Angeles); people move there to “make it” in show business. It’s one of those destinations that isn’t just geographical, but is also spiritual. When you arrive there, you’re on your way to really “arriving” where you want to be. But New York isn’t some mecca for one concept, or even for a couple of concepts; it’s the center of the world. It’s the Imperial Rome of our time. It’s a capital of finance, fashion, food, entertainment, art, theatre, culture… it may not have everything, but it has many, many exemplars of many fine things. And of course, one of those things is people. The full spectrum of humanity is here, the beacon that is the city draws them in. Sometimes it’s just really neat to watch the ebb and flow of the seemingly infinite variety of people on the streets and in the subway.

Lastly, it’s kind of awesome that the male-to-female ratio is hugely in my favor.  ;D

3) City you’d like to live in some day

I think I would like to try living in Tokyo for a while. If there’s any place in the world that has more going on than New York, it would have to be Tokyo. I’ve never truly immersed myself in a culture vastly different from my own, and I think that would be an amazing experience. I’d be a little nervous about food though, they eat a lot of seafood on that island nation. I’d really want to feel very comfortable about speaking and understanding Japanese before I went to live there.

4) Thing you hope to get out of the conference you are going to

I’m primarily going out there for knowledge. I want to be able to apply for Apple platform development jobs, snag freelance gigs, and develop my own shareware applications.

But I know I’m going to make a ton of contacts too, and that’s always very important. I wish I’d updated my ancient web site before heading out there, but I had too many other things to do.

5) Thing you miss about Boston/Worcester/Cape

Again, I have to say that the answer is people. I miss the people I spent so much time with, the people I really care about. There are familiar old places that I miss too, but lately I’ve enjoyed the adventure of finding new places more than the comfort of hanging out in old places.

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