Technology And The Will To Change

I just posted this in Warren Ellis’s LJ:

Realizing the intersection of social justice and technology is the defining challenge of our time. Every crisis affecting the global population today revolves around this fundamental exploration; technology alone can’t save lives, people also need the will to make change happen. Our generation can end poverty and hunger and many diseases; but will we?

The question is: Who cares? Do you?

The “you” is obviously rhetorical. But quite frankly, this is the most basic question I can think of. How do you get people to care? Not just about other people – but about doing the right thing? There are nearly 500 hundred billionaires in the world, representing nearly three trillion dollars of wealth.

What could these people do if they worked together? They would be the third wealthiest nation in the world – though since many of them are from the U.S. they might just be a bit higher in the ranking. Do you realize what I just wrote here? 0.000083% of the global population are nearly the most powerful force on the planet.

Why do they need all that wealth? What are they really doing with it? 500 people versus 6,000,000,000. Half of all their wealth could immunize the world’s children, eliminate malaria, cure cancer, end the energy crisis, educate and feed and clothe millions and millions and millions of people… Yes, of course, the logistics are complex. And yes, the people in charge of other nations are corrupt fucks who steal billions from their own people and let them starve, but MONEY CAN SOLVE THOSE PROBLEMS TOO. Money can’t make people care about other people, but at least everybody can have food and health and less suffering all around.