No Country For Old Men – HATED IT

This movie was a piece of utter garbage. I just finished watching No Country For Old Men, and I’m literally sitting here completely stunned at what a scrap of trash it was. In comparison to EVERY OTHER FILM the Coens have ever done, this one falls to the absolute bottom of the pile.

I know what it is. It’s the Coen brothers homaging Hemingway, I get it. They do pastiche, it’s their shtick. But I simply cannot believe how poorly it was executed. They could have done so much more with the characters, with the setting, with the scenes – I mean, all they did was film scrub brush and have the killer execute the same yokel over and over again. They had no vision, no striking cinematography to speak of; I can recall one moment of tension in the whole thing, and one moment of wincing at the graphic nature of a particular scene.

I can only surmise that the Coen brother Oscar wins were merely Hollywood politics at their worst, granting the awards to the ones who “paid their dues” or kissed the most ass or whatever. Paul Thomas Anderson: you were so fully and completely robbed, it is just utterly beyond belief and completely contemptible. Your work was art, and this film was just a bunch of boring old men talking to a camera about how crappy and random life is.

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4 Responses to No Country For Old Men – HATED IT

  1. usagi_moon says:

    So no two snaps and a twist?

  2. drama_kween says:

    I also hated it. Couldn’t believe all the rage. So stupid.