Clark Ashton Smith

I knew that Zombie Chic would bring Clark Ashton Smith back.

He’s been reprinted again, this time in what looks like a fairly professional binding. Smith is the ultimate dismal fantasist; he writes stories in settings at two ends of the spectrum: Hyperborea, and Zothique. Hyperborea is the pre-historic Conan-era fantasy setting, and Zothique is the post-apocalyptic end-of-Earth setting. They are surprisingly similar, though the tone of the Hyperborea stories typically tends to be quite a bit more upbeat than the tone of the gothic filled-with-zombies-and-necromancers tales of Zothique.

I highly recommend him. He’s a great mix of both Lovecraft and Howard, but without the overly stodgy hard to read quality of Lovecraft, and with more sophistication than Howard could muster up. He also has a lot of poetry as well as prose to explore.

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